Welcome to the Cassetto way, where we’re just as much about helping you find what you will wear as much as curating pieces that you want to wear. That’s why we’re dedicated to a few things to help you find what suits you.

Clip Ons
Our first few collections exclusively feature clip-on earrings only. Why, you ask? Costume jewellery in the scale that we want to offer often puts too much pressure on a piercing, not to mention the unspeakable risk of what happens when a big earring gets caught (or worse yet, yanked off) your ear. (We’ll say no more.) 
But before anyone has the chance to say ‘oh but they really hurt your ears’, read on... we’ve got you covered.

Clip Strength
Within the description of each of our clip-on earrings, you’ll find one of three clip strengths: Roomy, a gentle squeeze or snug. That’s because we’ve curated unique - and in some case rare - pieces that naturally vary in their production style. For that reason, we provide these snippets of information so you can judge whether the clip strength suits you.

NB: these are not intended as scientific measurements, but rather as a thoughtful guide to what to expect from us at Cassetto to you.

Because size isn’t everything, we’ve also included three weight classes - feather, middle and heavy - as another comfort point of reference. Some of our bigger earrings, in particular, 
have been carefully selected for their hollow make-up, which means you can get all the size with almost none of the weight.

(Again, these measurements aren’t intended to be accurate to the gram, but rather a guide to help you choose the right pieces for you.

Lastly, don’t forget we only have one of each item per drop, so hop on it early to get what you want and avoid being disappointed.

Team Cassetto x

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